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USD 198 USD 165

  • Service guarantee We use a soft to log in your account so your password will be safe . Our professional levelers will by no means take your gold and items away . Provided you lost your gold and items during our leveling timeframe , we will compensate you under the condition that it' s our fault that leads to the stealing . At the same time we won' t take any responsibility for the accidents happened in the leveling process such as password change and missing gold .

  • For your account security

    If you want to login your account when our leveler is leveling your character , you should inform us in advance before you log in and be sure not to log in too frequently . During our leveling timeframe , our levelers often keep silent and act as AFK when other players send a message to you. That is not to say we use the bots , we never use bots or macros since game masters will crack down on such foolish actions.

    For security reason we need to confirm something For security reason we will confirm the first orders for 50$ paid through paypal or Credit Card with telephone and email . All of the orders will be arranged by our customer support representatives , please contact our customer service on livechat in time after placing order . Our customer service will be available for 24/7 . At the same time we will save the screenshots during delivery for avoiding dispute

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